DJ's & Digital Sound

At DSC we understand the importance of having the exact entertainmnet for your event, wether you want simple ambient music or something to get everyone up and dancing. Our DJ's will work according to your requirements, playing music to suit you and all your guests, with setups to suit your budget. Our renowned DJ's not only have extensive knowledge of various music genres from new and classic Bollywood and Bhangra, to Gujrati and English music, but a great understanding and knowledge of reading the crowd. This ensures that the guests are enetertained through a suitable selection of music with polite and friendly interaction.

It can easily be overlooked that one of the main things that makes your special day is the music played, more precisely the equipment it is played through. DSC ensures that no matter how small or lavish your event, the sound is of utmost quality, making the transition from CD's & Turntables to digital sound using high-end Laptops has allowed DSC to not only amaze crowds with their cutting edge visual effects but wow them with the clarity of their music. Another big advantage of this transition is that DSC DJ's now have a vast variety of music at their fingertips, rather than wasting time on fondling with cds's when requests are made, the music can be played right away. The digital sound systems used can also be fine tuned to suit every individual function from those that like to hear every instrument in a track to those that want heavy bass lines. DSC has recognised and appreciated that this flexibility is also the key in sound entertainment, as all venues have different acoustics. Therefore it is imperative to be able to adjust your sound system accordingly to cater for this.

Intelligent Lighting

If you have been in the market for an entertainment company you must have heard about INTELLIGENT MOVING HEADS or INTELLIGENT LIGHTING. To clarify one's knowledge you must know that not all lights are of same quality, accordingly the same bright colors and effects are not produced. DSC not only uses the high quality ELATION Lights but controls them using the light control software and high-end laptop to ensure an aesthetically pleasing effect for your event. This ensures that each and every action of the lighting installed is controlled. Hence, allowing our light jockeys to give you that spot light on your enterance or cake cutting and to alter colors of the lights to match any theme chosen, change the image projected from the lights, conduct strobe effects and provide spotlights for speeches and ceremonies throughout your event.

Also being able to use the same light control software with the LED Up Lights our light jockeys can link all the lighting together bringing lavishness to your unique party theme. Light up your event in a way you never anticipated. Examples of intelligent lighting can we viewed in the Gallery.

Plasma & Projection Screens

In today's date mostly every DJ Company provides you with an option to put up TV's or Plasma Screens at your event venue, but mostly they end up showing a 10 min. slide show or a static pic. We at DSC give you many options:

  • Live Video Simulcast - This option enables the guests with live view of the ceremonies since mostly at all ceremonies families gather around the main stage blocking the view of all guests. This option also encourages guests to dance since dance floor feed can also be viewed when the dance floor opens.
  • Live Remixing - This provides you with live remixing where you can view the songs that are played.
  • Professional Slideshow - With every package of Plasma Screens we provide our client with a professionally made slide show with images, videos and caption of your choice. Samples can be viewed in the Gallery.
  • Custom Videos & Artwork - We can also show any artwork or videos that are provided by the you.

All these options can be provided for the same event. We use top of the line mixing tools and software to transition between all these options. so your guests are not sitting and watching a computer desktop displayed on the screen.

With high quality videos played on screen sizes of your choice, Plasma screens are definitely the way forward. These screens would be a great addition in bringing that touch of class to your event. At larger venues multiple screens can placed all around your venue so all guests can view important ceremonies, plasmas can also be used during cocktail hour to keep guests entertained while they mingle.

Put your event on the big screen! Projections screens are typically used in the larger venues as a means to display all occurences to all guests, again like Plasma screens they are also able to project live video feeds, play DVD's, slideshows or customized graphics. Projection screens are very light weight, thus enabling them to be moved/positioned in a variety of ways, they can be placed on the floor using their framework for support or can be suspended from the ceiling (if capable). Consequently, providing another way to make you event tailored to your needs.

LED Up-Lighting

Our Up Lighting Packages consist of modern LED lighting fixtures placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant ambience. We provide an option between three different light types; Wide angle wash, Thick beam and Narrow beam. The Wide angle wash uses LED fixtures to completely “wash” the walls with color. It differs from Thick or Narrow lights as they will make a column of light going up a wall where as the wash will completely illuminate the entire area to set just the right mood for you and your guests. The thick and narrow beams create more of a dramatic effect highlighting columns and other architectural features creating that perfect and unique effect. The colors can be matched to coordinate with your wedding color scheme and tie all the elements together in a dazzling way. The illuminated walls create a stunning and contemporary effect that adds a whole new level of design and elegance to your event. They can turn a plain room into a magnificent attraction. These lights are also controlled using intelligent light software which will help our light jockeys to create different effects at different moments during your event.

The LED lighting we use is far superior to traditional uplighting such as par cans or gel lights. Our LED fixtures consume far less power than the old-fashioned par cans. Mostly our lighting can be run off of a single electrical outlet. This is very important in venues with limited power supply. Traditional uplighting fixtures can become very hot and pose a serious risk of burns, especially to small children who like to touch the lights. Our lights remain cool to the touch throughout the entire event. Our lights are “intelligent” and can be programmed to produce millions of colors from a single unit and can be controlled to vary color, intensity, speed of color fade, etc throughout the course of an event.



The perfect way to add a personal touch to your venue. Nothing says that its your day like your own name on the cieling, wall or the dance floor. IT's YOUR DAY TO SHINE! So why not show the world your unique, customized monogram by displaying it on the ceiling, wall or the dance floor. Using a custom made gobo and a special lighting fixture we will project your names, initials or your monogram. This is a very elegant lighting effect that adds an extremely personal touch.

Pin Spots & Table Spots

Pin spotting is used to illuminate and create a focal point on the centerpiece. It is a very dramatic effect when the room lights are dimmed it makes the centerpieces really stand out. If you have elaborate floral arrangements and centerpieces pin spotting can really accentuate them and show them in their full magnificence.

As with everything else that is making your venue look and feel amazing, an exquisite touch can be incorporated by having Spot Lights lighting up every table, so not only can your guests enjoy the theming and lighting put into the venue but be amazed by the illuminance created as the focal point on the centerpiece. A classy touch that carries a whole lot of recognition. Set the perfect ambience with low lights around the hall and adequate light for having dinner and socializing

Other Services

DSC works with many vendors to provide you tons of services under one roof. Helping you reduce the stress of searching and shoping around. DSC understands the amount of hard work that goes into organizing an event, finding perfect vendors that can work together and fit your budget, thats the reason we help you in doing so.

We have a huge list of preferred vendors that will make your search easy such as: videographer/photographer, decor, mandaps, baraat horse, just to name a few. And since we have worked with them before, we have seen their performance and can vouch for them.